I found my interest in photography some years ago. It began at my 15th birthday when I got my first camera, the analog Canon Prima BF-7.
15 years later the brand "Canon" still is on my equipment, but this has increased a little over the years.
After taking photos for several online communities I realized that only taking Partypictures wouldn't be enough for me by half. To
expanse my focus I foundet in 2007 and dit it my own way. So to 2018 I took over 100.000 pictures for instance by order of:

- 48er Festival, Easter Cross Festival, U&D Weingarten, Taubertal Festival...
- Binzwangen Open Air, Altheimer Open Air, Schussen Open Air, Donautal Open Air...
- Radio Havanna, ZSK, Ben J. Marx & Friends, Lord Bishop Rocks, Asstereoidiots, Zen Zebra...
- First Germanytour of the Ukrainian cultband Vopli Vidopliassova (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg)
- DDD Security (personel security Angela Merkel, FC Bayern, prominence, Veranstaltungsschutz)
- Gasthof Engel (sport-, party-, music- und culturevents. Pictures for press and homepage)
- Different events (middleages market, Zwiefalter Brewery, tattooconventions...)
- Sport events (football, 24h race olympic park Munich, motocross...)
- Business (R8-Bodensee, ostrich farm Waldburg, BKS Engineering, "knife tuning"...)
- Charity Events (guests for example John Kelly, Kader Loth, Alexis, Til Schweiger...)

Furthermore I took photos for "Schwäbische Zeitung", am the permanent photographer at several Open Airs and Festivals and I'm member in "Deutscher Fachjournalistenverband" (dfjv).

adipics Adi Adrian Brugger